Security Guards

Prime Security based in Knysna, covering Plettenbergbay, George and Sedgefield has invested hugely in its corporate identity with branding that will be identifiable on any premises.  Our security guards are trained and motivated to perform at the highest levels, with on-site training and constant supervisory visits, they are an essential part of our elite team. Protocol and performance criteria are outlined to which their performance is gauged.  Our security guards are trained to be responsible and they will protect your property as if it is their own.


It is of great importance to us to assess and identify the individual requirements of each client. We aim to provide each client with a security guard that will be best suited to the environment as client preference is of great importance to us.


Guarding can be a challenging career and members of public can at times become abusive when refused entry to a property.  This combined with long shifts, some being “graveyard” shifts often lead to low morale, but with effective communication between our guards, 24/7 control room operator and our night managers, we make sure that our staff remain motivated as they are in constant contact with each other.


We urge you to take our staff in as your own and reap the rewards of a well-developed relationship.


We would like to thank all our clients for their essential role in the Prime Security Family.

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