Security Systems

Prime will be happy to meet with you to discuss your security systems requirements and plan of action that suits you best. Our pricing is exceptionally competitive and we will gladly assist in maximising the service to your budget restraints.



Prime has dedicated technicians to install and service the various products we supply. We strive to supply the highest quality in every security system.


  • ·Alarm sales & Installations
  • ·CCTV and IP camera sales and installations
  • ·Electric fence installations  and monitoring



Prime security has invested hugely in its corporate identity with branding that will be identifiable at any premises. Our staff are trained and motivated to preform at the highest levels by making them feel part of our elite team. They preform based on standards set out by our clients as well as management – and are rewarded accordingly.


It is important to stress that Prime Security works closely with management especially in the early stages to identify if the guards selected fit the requirements for the post.

It is with this team work the right enthuisiasm and image is portrayed. Shift changes are normally done with a brief parade and inspection.


  • ·Day and night
  • ·VIP protection and body guards specific to requirements
  • ·Special events



Prime alarm is a dedicated service that can be offered to gated communities with the option of dedicated response vehicles on the site 24/7. Alarm monitoring is done through our control room that operates 24/7 and monitors home and business alarms as well as guards. The response vehicles are satellite tracked and area specific.


  • ·Alarm response
  • ·Guard monitoring systems installed on premises to monitor guards rounds
  • ·Control room monitoring service
  • ·Alarm home and business monitoring
  • ·CCTV and IP camera systems monitoring
  • ·Cash In Transit collections and banking
  • ·Risk assessments



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